as issei hyoudou with twist ( dxd)

timeskip and going to kuoh

A boy who has silvery-white hair and crystal blue eyes with flawless white skin and a handsome face which can make even the coldest girl blush mad just by looking at him and he was our mc issei the white dragon emperor

who was currently starring out of the window seeing his sibblings Elisha, maya and tatsuya hugging and comforting a crying irina who was about to leave for England with her parents

issei thinking : days pass by so quickly don they it has been 2 Years since the shidous arrived and now they are leaving in this two years I never once interacted with irina as when she sees me she just runs away blushing madly I tried to approach her on multiple occasions only for her to start a race back to her house so I left her and never interacted with her but Mr shidou did talk to me sometimes mostly asking if I believed in supernatural at first I was sacred that he may have found out about my identity as white dragon emperor but it was proven wrong as he just suspected me to be a weilder of sacred gear but due to me playing innocent he waved it off saying he was just kidding

well since then I never went to shidous house as I never felt comfortable there well but my sibblings liked to spend most of there time with shidous and yesterday Mr shidou killed his comrade by orders of church superiors and have to leave now due to danger to him and his family and I didn intervene as this is a crucial plot from which irina goes and starts her training as exorcist ,

if I am feeling anything for shidous departure then its extreme joy as due to that shidou I had to go and train in dimensional gap which I entered from the mountain its my luck I didn come across ophis or great red or I would have been tosted for barging their precious home you can just imagine what would someone like ophis who can create a terrorist organization for killing great red who took her home and what will she do to someone getting their uninvited and making noise taking her silence away !!!!!

* cough cough *

now for school theres two words to describe it being ” super easy ” well for me anyways I mean I am colleage graduate and being in so low grade was very easy , I would have sucked in Japanese but I learned it before the school started and it went of without a hook I am the topper of my class and always score full marks

now for my progress and how my life went about I have been able to remove the timer from my balance breaker and also Improve its longitivity now I can stay in balance breaker for weeks and I have already mastered the balance breaker so if I want to step further then I need to defeat all the previous host which is no joke as many of them were great warriors with high battle experience but still i managed to defeat 40% of the host and the rest 60% are strong but i will no have to overcome them eventually

regarding my mana is now high ultimate class close to breaking through to Satan class but according to albion the most mana I can have is mid satan class as I have been using the exhaustion technique by fully exhausting my mana and let them refill but with it one can only reach mid satan class which I learned recently.

and regarding my susano I can fully summon it and use it to its fullest capabilities and I have plans for it like when I master emperio juggernaut overdrive I can use susano with it and that should make me as strong as a dragon god and when I get ddraigs gems I can Make a form with both albions and ddraigs power combined and I am thinking of adding susano to that form too , I can just Imagine me kicking trihexas ass

my physical strength at base form has to increased mostly endurance due to training in dimensional gap and I also have six pack which worried my parents but after making a lot of shit story it worked and they eventually got concinced and stopped stalking me .

my overall power level currently is satan class including mana and susano which is very very monstrous for a child

( Normal pov )

after the shidous left the Hyoudous house was filled with silence and sadness well except for a silver head who smiling brightly whole day by having a stick in mud which was hindering his progress removed and eventually the night came .

issei : well its the judgement day

Albion grunted in approval

issei sneaked to tatsuyas room to find well tatsuya sleeping with an erotic novel in his hand which made isseis eyebrow arch up but he shook his head and touched tatsuyas left hand and focused and soon found himself in a dark place with a giant western red dragon sleeping soon issei was thrown out of the dark place and back to the room and he then left for his room and looked outside the window

Albion : he is the red one

issei nodded wordlessly

Albion : what do you plan to do now?

issei: I have a back up plan being going away from kuo and training alongside getting battle experience with the excuse of getting selected in an academy

Albion: earlier the exam you gave online was the that one ?

issei : yes I wanted to be prepared as red one was one of my sibblings and I also wanted battle experience to defeat those shitheads of past hosts so going away is a must for it

Albion grunted in approval

Next morning

the hyoudous were having there breakfast in silence which isse broke

issei: mom dad I gave the test for a middle school in America and got selected with full marks I even got the ticket to America through mail today

the fork from Mikis hand dropped down

Miki: a a are you serious ?

she asked with excitement making issei quite confused but still issei nodded and showed them

the mail which made Miki squeal in joy

gorou : you see we planed to make you study in abroad from start for a better future for you as you are so bright student

issei nodded

tatsuya: what is the date you are leaving

issei: 2 days from now on Monday to be precise

then issei answered any question they had during academy and the idea was accepted by the adult Hyoudous quickly after that issei went to his room and closed his eyes and meditated

Albion: why specially did you choose this academy ??

issei : its time is from 6 am to 12 pm meaning I get the whole day to myself and no one should leave campus gates after 7 in evening

Albion : and you plan to do it I take

issei smirked

issei : well they never talked about teleporting now do they

Albion just chuckled

Albion: fair point

after 2 days issei left for America to began his new journey until canon starts

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