emperor style

the beginning

Liam POV

everything seems to be going wrong, it just all **ed up, I wish I can just do what I want without does old coot interfering, but its all just a dream, nothing can go the way you want.

beside me was maria, she seemed to be lost in thought, maybe thinking about the future, shes really beautiful, sometimes I wonder how she fell in love with me, it just seems to unreal such a beautiful angel falling inlove with me, yeah I know shes a real angel, but I mean angel in a beautiful sense.

she turn towards me, with a strange expression on her beautiful face, I can tell she sees me as some weirdo, or a pervert, she glares at me, then stands up and starts walking down the mountain, I stood up and start waking toward her.

”were are you going ” I asked still unsure of her stance. she looks at me and says ”back home ”

I don know why, but I don like that answer ” why so early ” I asked. ”so they don suspect anything ” she said not turning back to look at me.

”those bastards, did they do anything to you ” I said furious and scared that they had figured it out. ”no ” she said still moving forward.

” then why are you acting strange, you didn talk much, and you look scared and maybe a little confused ” I said to her without thinking much due to my insecurities.

she stopped finally, looking back at me, she asked ” am I that readable ”.

”no ” I said without thinking ”am the only one that look through you easily ”

Maria POV

I don know what to say to you, maybe I should tell you the truth, but how would you react, I feel scared maybe you will leave me, get angry or tell me to do the unthinkable.

looking back at him, I asked ” do you love me ” looking at me with does fiery red eyes he said ”what do u think ”

I didn know what to say, I know he loves me or should I say I want believe I know, cuz if I know then why am I scared.

looking back at him, I couldn say anything, cuz I didn know what to say, sob sob sob, I started crying without even knowing the reason.

Liam POV

seeing her cry like that, made me feel like crying I felt a sharp pain in my heart, trying to stay strong I walked up to her, touching her chin and raising it up, so her eyes can meet mine.

I smiled after our eyes met, trying my best to give a reassuring smile ” theres no need to cry ” I said ”I will always stand by your side, even though the whole world leaves you ”

Maria POV

I didn know what to do after that statement, bracing my self for whats to come I decide to open up.

”I am pregnant ” I said still sobing, trying my best to look at his face, to see any reaction, maybe happy.

meeting the sad look on his face, I could see my worst fears coming to pass ”please don tell anyone ” I said in a rush ”If u don want the child I will do my best to take care of it, just please keep this a secret, at least till I can protect it ” I said again p

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