Liam POV

The carriage was not really bad, to be honest only few got the chance to enter such carriages in the demon city monolith , though it can be helped, if I don get such treatment don who would.

Getting in, with Lilith not even waiting for me to invite her in, she sat down next to me too close for my comfort, creating a little space between us, I drew close to the door trying not to make it too obvious that I am avoiding getting close to her, she looked at me, though I couldn tell her facial expression, avoiding eye contact was the best cause of action in this situation.

”hey what do you think of our engagement ” she said, maybe trying to create a conversation, still looking through the window ”nothing really, I didn have much of a choice ” I said, sounding rude.

”why are you always like this ” she said pouting, I won lie she looked really cute, black hair silky long hair, with her beautifully coloured purple eyes, and a oval shaped face emphasizing her beauty, when it comes to bodily structure, I can definitely say shes one of the best in our world, though still far behind Maria, her breast we
e of the right proportion, just by looking at it through her outline, I can tell it will fit perfectly in my hands, her perky butt can make any normal guy go crazy, and I will really appreciate it if you don tell Maria I thought about any of this, shes the jealous and feisty type trust me you wouldn want to get on her bad side.

bringing me out of my thought was the carriage stopping in front of a castle like building, to sum it up our whole resident gained its name cause of this building, it looked like an ancient building with dark colours been its main components, some will see it as a witch house due to it characteristics and gloominess.

walking through the gate with Lilith following closely behind me, I could feel the strength of this people in short guards or servant, with most of them being peak mortal rankers, and few being beginners stage low rankers (1st_3rd stage), they looked like veteran warriors from their appearance, walking past them without paying any close attention to them, they all bowed in unison, not saying a single word.

on reaching the the main door to the monolith, it opened automatically, I guess since the only person standing on the other side of the opened door was a Butler, with his head bowed slightly.

”welcome back Lord Liam ” he said while doing a curtsy, ”it has been long since I had the opportunity of leading you to the hall ” he continued not waiting for my response to his first sentence.

”yes delion ” I said ”its been long, but I don understand why you have to lead, you know I stay here and Ive been to those Chambers a lot of times ” I said not trying to hide my discontent with their stupid ethics.

”sorry my Lord but rules are rules ” he said still sounding respectful, and still with a slight bowed head.

Delion is one of the main butlers of our clan, though his power level was around thesame level as mine, I could not still tell who would win during a fight, he looked more experienced and though hidden well I could tell thats his a lion in sheep clothing or more like a fox.

Hes one of the butlers trained to become the next head butler and take care of the soon to be appointed clan head, being older than the clan head is one of the criteria, just like the present head butler and the clan head.

coming out of my thought I walked in, letting him lead the way, passing through familiar corridors and passages we reached a giant door with a lot of scary cavings of human skulls, demons with huge hones tormenting lower beings in existence, to demons this is the best view you can get, after all violence is one of the main essence of our existence.

with the huge door opening up, a room came in sight, with people sitting at all corners leaving the middle space wide and empty, walking in with Lilith behind me and the butler stopping at the entrance, a big throne came into sight with a man sitting on it, there were two thrones beside him, one to the left the other to the right, more often than not those sits are empty, same as today.

”Liam ” the man sitting on the throne said with his voice sounding hoarse, giving him a slight bow ”Lord Damien ” I said, ”I would like to know the purpose of this meeting ” I continued, sounding like a busy man that had many things to do.

”its simple we want you to get married to Lilith soon ” he said, nothing getting provoked by my words, maybe his used to it or just tolerating it for the sake of his dearest daughter.

turning my head to look at Lilith with suspicion written clearly in my eyes, but after seeing her reaction I could at least tell that she didn expect the topic to be about us.

looking at me, and maybe reading my expression ”let me explain ” she said in a rush ” I didn know anything about this ” she said again trying to prove her innocence.

Looking back at Damien ”I can get married to your daughter ” I said, trying to sound as polite as my character permitted. with his eyes glowing red for a second and releasing a little of his pressure on me, I felt my bones and inner organs in turmoil.

with a figure coming in front of him the pressure seized like it didn exist, ”dad ” Lilith said, not even bothering to look at Damien, she started trying to tend to my wounds. from the little view I got of him I could see he was angry real pissed, but I didn really care.

suddenly the ring on my finger, necklace on my neck and a strange energy inside my heart reacted, though it was not the first time, this time it didn signify love or a miss you sign, what it signified was danger, without wasting anytime I used all the energy in my, channeling as much maisma as I could from my core and utilizing the surrounding energy to give me a very high speed to reach my destination in time.

Due to my sudden actions the defensive formations in the court reacted, trying to chain me down it was a really annoying experience, when you had somewhere to be fast and quick, taking out my sword I severed the magical chains with great speed and accuracy, using the sword to form a hole in the barrier, i increased my speed with the whole slowing down around I saw Damien reacting to my actions, maybe because I was in a hurry or something precious to me was in danger I could see all his moves, using one of my greatest moves know as demon king I went all out suppressing all demons written my domains reach even Damien.

I could see the shocked expressions on the few people I caught sight of, especially Damien, not bothering to look twice I moved towards the rift in the barrier only glancing at the crying Lilith, may be this will be the last time I will see her, I really felt bad for her maybe it was pity but I wished I could wipe the tears away from her beautiful face.

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