emperor style

forbidden region

The dragons as a whole could be see as a monster race, but many choose to put the as God beast due to their uniqueness.

just like the angels and demons, the dragons had sub clans and main clans, due to the fact that dragons are hard to breed, having many pure bloods became impossible.

as a way to solve their problem and gian more strength and influence in the world of styles, they decided to create sub species of themselves by breeding with other race and other artificial things.

the dragon clan has four royal clan, and one imperial clan, the four royal clan is ruled by four dragon Kings, while the imperial clan is ruled by a dragon emperor who is said to have transcended the realm of low rankers.

back to the current battle, bloom firing being one of the four dragon kings, had a very strong and big pride coupled with arrogance, so Mary trying to push him to the side like a kid irritated him alot.

roaring to the sky he charged at Mary using his tail to hit her with such a force that she was repelled to the opposite direction, without wasting time he breathed in a huge amount of air almost drawing all the element of air In the surrounding space, with a wide roar he realised everything he drew in through his mouth.

with an intense heat an elemental blast came out from his mouth covering the huge distance between bloom and mary in just micro seconds, Mary was a little bit caught of guard, due to the fact that she was not paying much attention to the battle and only trying to get past bloom her reaction to the attack was slow.

placing her sword in front of her and creating a barrier around her self with her light element, she prepared to stop the fast approaching fire.

when the attack collided with her elemental shield it could only last for a second, with the attack passing through her shield so easily, she knew she had made a mistake, without wasting anytime she used her wings to cover her whole body, leaving her sword suspended in front of her to reduce the attack power.

after colliding with her sword the attack reduced a lot before touching her feathers, crack.

after the attack died down she was seen with her wings a little burnt and a crack on her sword, her armour looked destroyed, with her eyes turning completely white she charge towards bloom only for him to vanish right before her eyes, leaving a sentence that would forever piss her off ”my only aim was to help them escape, now that my work is down I will be leaving, Buhahahahaha ” said bloom while laughing.

bloom is not a foolish man, though like every dragon he has a pride and arrogance, he still knows that hell not gain anything from prolonging this battle, especially now the she is pissed.

”you bastard ” Mary said with a clear and obvious anger on her face ”I will get you for this ” she said disappearing from her position.

Lilith POV monolith

I don know why he did this, why does he always have to hurt my feelings, Ive done everything in my power to win his heart, from knowing all about him even the type of underwear he likes.

”no need to feel hurt dear ” said my dad, he always act in public that he does not care much about me, but behind the scenes, he tries to do anything and everything to make me happy.

”I know Dad, maybe am not good enough ” I said, that was the only plausible reason he would refuse me, I didn see hate in his eyes, sometimes it even looks like hes pitying me ”don say that ” dad said ”hes not worth you, I will make sure to teach him a lesson ” he said as if making a declaration.

”no ” I said ”you won do anything like that ” I continued in a warning tone, his current Expression tell me the he understands what I mean, without wasting time I walked out of the room.

authors POV

after Lilith left, the whole room became quiet the further her footsteps got from the room, Damien could only look at his daughter retreating back with a solemn look on his face.

”azion ” Damien called out ”yes my lord ” said a shadowy figure. ”I hope you know what to do ” Damien asked ”yes my lord ” answered the shadowy figure, this time sounding a little happy and emotional.

without saying another word, Damien threw an object similar to a token at the shadowy figure, nodding the shadow disappeared the way it appeared.

i won let you hurt my sweetheart feeling over and over again with his eyes turning intensively red he thought it all ends now.

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