The word challenge alone is enough to raise the spirit of challenge among the applicants; you can see that shining from their eyes, ready to do whatever it takes to win the position.

When the commander left, a first lieutenant came forward and ordered them to advance orderly towards the trainees barracks, it was separate from the air base, which housed the students of the Military School of Pilots. First they went to the residence rooms, which were separated for males and females. The rooms were complexes, each complex contained 30 beds and tin cupboards. Some of them felt uncomfortable, especially girls, but for Anna the situation was no different from her previous life. They were told to put their things down and head immediately to the square, and last years students advised them to wear comfortable clothes for movement because they will need it for sure, in the square they gathered arranged randomly waiting for orders, until a tall man who seem to be in his forties, with shaved eyebrows, a thick black mustache, and his features suggest his long experience and uncompromising nature, come towards them, and with one word he organized them,

”Attention, I am lieutenant Javier, and I will be the responsible for your evaluation and with me here first lieutenant Andres and first lieutenant Salvador who will supervise your training, from that moment and on, you will forget something called comfort, I want you to say goodbye to the life of luxury you are entrusted with, you will not have phones or any means to communication with the world outside these walls, here is your home, your refuge and your only world; I have been informed that there are a large number of talented people this year, and also a large number will be excluded, this is my specialist, so I warn you from now on and tell you who does not have the determination and the ability to withstand difficulties, leave immediately, this is your last chance to run before entering hell ” The lieutenant was silent for a moment, examining them with sharp looks, but they met him with the same sharp looks, shining with a spirit of courage and determination,

”I see that we have brave warriors this year, so I announce the beginning of your training___ ”, he continued talking but someone from the crowd interrupted him and it was Anna,

”Pardon me Sir Javier, you said that we will not be allowed to have phones, but how will we communicate our families? ” She asked naively, and everyone shared questioning looks, surprised by the way she asked;

”I think I am hearing voices recently, but I think Im hearing a monkey among you but I can see it ” the lieutenant replied sarcastically, then she raised her hand introducing herself,

”I am the one who asked Sir ” she replied,

”Come closer miss, I want to see you closer ” he said asking her politely to walk to the front,

She walked crossing the rows, everyone was staring at her anxiously to see what would happen to her, and she was the only one unaware of what awaited her,

”Introduce yourself young lady, we are all eager to get to know you ” he asked her with the same polite tone,

”I am Anna Ruiz, number #275 ” she replied,

”It is such an honor to have a brave lady among as Miss Anna, excuse my poor memory, but would you please remind me of your question? ”

”I asked if there is another way to communicate our family ” she replied, and this time she felt the silence before the storm,

”I just said two seconds ago that THIS IS HELL, have you ever heard about someone had a call from hell after he died? I said no communication with the outer world, and I gave you a chance to leave, didn you heard me or where your brain was, you just gave yourself and your fellows a punishment ” He replied angrily shouting on her,

”I didn mean that Sir____ ” he interrupted her,

”Who allowed you to talk again, you never talk with no permission you stupid monkey, and why you are too short like that? Who accepted a short monkey like you? ” he kept on yelling at her.

”I don know Sir, they said I am accepted ”

”Again you talk with no permission ” he said

”But Sir you asked a question ” she replied hesitantly, and those around them are desperately trying to hide their laughter,

”You still talking, and the punishment grows bigger, now stand up straight and give the military salute ” he shouted,

She did as he ordered but in the wrong way,

”With your left hand not the right, and say your name out loud ” he shouted again,

”Anna Ruiz at your service Sir ”

”I said shout your name out loud ” he said yelling,

”But Sir you are in front of me, it would be rude to shout at you ” she replied, and this time the first lieutenant Andres and Salvador couldn hold the laughter anymore and burst out laughing, and this made him more angry than before;

”Do you think yourself funny? Go down all of you, do 100 pushups then you will go to your work, we will see if you still have that smile on your face again ” he said ordering them all;

They started their first punishment blaming Anna for it, but this didn calm Javiers anger but he made it even harder for them, making them starting all over from the beginning whenever he saw someone skips a step or stop for a break. After two and a half long hours they finally finished their punishment to step into the real punishment.

They have been sent to a building was under construction and they have been told to clean it properly. The building was made of three floors, each floor was made differently, the ground floor was made up of several large warehouses and some rooms seems to belong to the guards, and the upper floors was made differently, they didn know the purpose of its construction, all that they was concern about is finishing the cleaning as soon as possible, so they separate the work between them according to the number, Anna was among the team who cleans the second floor, and her mission was to clean bathrooms,

”What is that awful smell; is someone was killed in here? ” Anna said when she entered the place, and it wasn her only opinion about that; she took a bucket to fill it with water but there wasn any water in the place, ”Great, no water too, now we have to bring it from outside ”, someone said angrily, ”That is double work for us, thanks to you and your chatty mouth short monkey ” said another one from her team, they were all blaming her for the punishment they had, but she couldn stand them blaming her anymore,

”You should really stop blaming me, you are the one who laughed at the Lieutenant not me, and you get punished because of your behavior, now stop putting your anger on me and focus on your work ” she yelled at them angrily, and they couldn reply because they know she is right.

After a while of cleaning, they all felt tired and it seemed to them that it was impossible to finish the whole work today, and some of them already gave up, then Anna suggested an idea that could help them organize the work among them and thus they would finish it as soon as possible. She asked them to divide into three teams; the first teams task was to bring water and to fill ale the buckets, the second team takes care of getting rid of heavy pieces of stones and wood and to sweep the dust, the third team takes care of cleaning stains from the ground and walls and to rains. Everyone looked to her with interest and seemed to like the idea, so they did as she asked, the training supervisors, first Lieutenant Andres, was watching them and seemed to like the way they worked compatibly, and he recorded this in his notes.

Romeo came up to her and said: ”You know everyone is mad at you, but your idea now made them think back a little bit ”.

”Are you angry too? ” she asked,

”I am not really angry, but I felt fun as if I was inside a comedy movie, you are funny and the truth is that everyone sees you as well ” he replied;

”Good, because I don care, and what is the funny, am I a clown now? I don see anything Ive did that seems funny, for example I am literally cleaning human excrement, I mean whats that retardation, can they clean up when they are done with that, oh shit, how long has it been in their existence that they are literally petrified, it will turn to oil soon ” she said, annoyed, but Romeo laughed at her,

”You see, I said you are funny ” he said, flirting to her,

”I still don see whats funny about it, and now stay away and don obstruct the work, or we will never finish it, and don try to get closer to me, I still haven forgiven you for stealing from me ” she replied seriously;

”What? You mean hitting me outside wasn enough for you? ” he said,

”How in the hell did I hit you, don you see the difference between our sizes, I swear if you step on me with one foot you will trample me like an insect ” she replied,

”I can believe you, who jumped on me like a bear this morning ” he said, and someone next to them laughed and told them that he saw the fight between them this morning and it was the funniest thing he ever saw,

”Now, did you see it, everyone saw it, so stop being so mean to me, we tied now ” he continued,

”Just leave me alone, and I will not heard you again ” she replied him, then walked away to clean other parts.

After four hours of continues hard work they were finally able to finish the work, then the two supervisors come to check the quality of their work and rate them accordingly,

”Okay, looks like you have passed the collective punishment, now you are going to start your daily training ” Andres said talking to them,

But they were shocked by his words; they thought they would let them rest, especially since they missed lunch,

”What are you saying? Wasn this our training since morning? ” they said complaining about this decision,

”No, you didn even start your training, this was your punishment; you must know that the daily training is obligatory and it should be done in time, even if you have been punished. Now, form rows of a couple and start running behind me ” Andres replied them in a strict way.

They all felt exhausted from work, how can they run now? But the orders are strict, and they knew previously that if they violated it or were negligent in implementing it, they would only double the punishment. The running field surrounded the base outside the walls, taking about two hours to complete a full circle around it. This was not easy even for those who used to run for long distances, as once they started, five minutes did not pass, and many of them already gave up. Anna was fighting hardly to keep her strength in the middle of the mess she was in, for that in a side she was tired and in pain, and in the other side she knew that they are tired as well and they for sure are blaming her for that,

”No Anna don give up now, you are just in the start, don give up on Martin, don listen to them, keep on fighting ” she was desperately encouraging herself until Romeo come closer to her,

”Hey Monster girl, you are giving up already, we just started don gain us another punishment, they will not forgive you this time, and I will not be there to defend you ” he said,

”What do you want now; go away you are distracting me ” she replied and she is panting and breathing hard,

”I am encouraging you, don you see it ” he replied,

”This is the worst way of encouraging ” she said

”Okay, see you later ” then he runs faster leaving her behind,

He made her angry in purpose just to urge her to run faster, because he thinks that anger gives more energy, he succeed by driving her to be angry but that only make her think of how to run away from him, and she almost stopped and quit running, but she canceled her anger by focusing on her goal,

”Don let this dumb mock you Anna, don stop and show him what you worth; this is not the first time you run, you always run, you were running for your whole life, you run after the bus, after rabbits in the garden when I was a child, and I always run behind my father when he goes to work. Actually since the last time I run after him, I didn stop running, and I will never stop, this is just a small block in my way and I will jump it, I fought everyone for Martin, and I will fight again ”

The time was late and the dark has fall, when they arrive to the barracks square, they were in a very bad shape and they allow them to rest for five minutes and to wait those who are behind, when the number is completed they ordered them to be organized in groups and to stick to it until the end of the training period, after finishing the rest of physical exercises they dismissed them; they were starving so they went directly to the restaurant, they were alone and the workers there have already left so they had to serve themselves and the only food left was dry bread and soup, not enough for them all so they add water to it; it wasn the best meal they would imagine, but enough to quench their hunger. After that they head directly to their beds but they forbid them from entering without cleaning themselves, the time was already late and they had only few hours to rest before they start the next day; the shower had its rules too one of it is after 7:00 pm there is no hot water, so they have to shower with cold water, in the end military life is no luxury one. The clock points to 12:15 am, and finally they will have a time to rest.

The next day they woke up early so they will be ready at time when the Lieutenant Javier check them at 7:00 am, but when he comes there was some of them absent, he stood there silent waiting for them to come, at 7:20 am they show up and apologized for being late,

”You show up late, and you spoke without permission, I think you all know what it means, go down on your knees, make a full turn around the square ” He said ordering them then he turned walking away but someone stopped him and again it was Anna;

”I beg your pardon Sir ” she shouted asking permission to talk,

The lieutenant let out a sight and said talking to himself: ”Ah, it is that monkey again ”, then he turned toward her, ”What is it now monkey, is it your mission to ruin my morning every day? ” he said, but she didn reply and he knew she is waiting for his permission, ”You are allowed to speak, just say what you want, I don have all day to chat with you ”

”Sir, I respect your orders but Sir, I don see the benefit of being punished for others ” she said talking strict and fixing her gaze forward like a real soldier;

He walked slowly towards her and show interest in her, ”Your monkey friend is trying to be wise; I believe your name is Anna number #275, am I right? ”

”Yes Sir ” she replied,

”I didn ask you of curse I am right but do you know why? Answer me ” he shouted,

”No Sir I don ” she said,

”I like your honesty so I will be generous to tell you why; I never forget a face, a name or a number, because everyone who enters from these gates would my ally or an enemy, everyone who walks by my side or held a weapon, he could cover my back or stub me in the back, in the battle field you trust no one, yet you have to trust someone, because war cannot be won individually, in the battle field every mistake you made it will negatively affect your fellows, so the first thing you learn is to care for each other, now you are competing each other but you need to act like a unit, this is your first lesson, and this is military life. Now on your knees all of you ” After he gave them such a great speech, he left the square and the two supervisors continued their job watching and leading them. They started the punishment crawling on their knees around the square, screaming and crying of pain,

”Now, you go directly to the building you cleaned yesterday, today you will paint it from out and inside ” Andres ordered them after they finished crawling,

This time they were affected by the lieutenant words so they divide the work between them, and for Romeo, he still on chasing after Anna and follows her every where she goes,

”Your hand is steady, are you a painter ” said Romeo while watching Annas work,

She stares at him bored and said: ”Is this the only way you find to talk to me? You searched my bag and you knew then that I am a painter ”,

”Ah, yes I forget about that, and you seem not willing to forget and leave it behind ” he said;

But she didn reply him; she took her tools and walked away, leaving him talking alone,

”Ouch, that hurts ” he said to himself feeling embarrassed.

Again like the previous day they spent half of the day working in the same building and they finish so late in the evening, doing the same training and facing the same events, so before they went to beds they agreed to work together us a unit to avoid punishments.

The next day they woke up together at the same time, had their breakfast at the same time and they arranged their groups in the square perfectly before the lieutenant come,

”They are learning faster, I knew that selecting new members from them would be hard, isn it Andres? ” said Lieutenant Javier talking to Andres and Salvador,

”Yes Sir you are right ” said Andres,

”And you Salvador, what is your opinion in this year students? ” said Javier asking Salvador,

”Indeed Sir, they have shown intelligence and fast reflect, I think the love of challenge is what keeping them excited ” said Salvador,

”Yes you are right about that, you may start the training, I know that the task we prepared for them will be fun to watch, it is a shame that I can be there, you take care from here ” said Javier, then he left.

”Attention my troops, you will start your daily training now, start with running ” said Andres ordering them and he noticed excitement in their eyes.

They finished at time and they seemed to get used to this routine already, because this time they were not tired and still showing their thirst for challenge.

”Attention everyone, now go to the shooting field and stay there waiting for orders ” Said Salvador.

They didn know what they want them to do and all they can do is obeying the orders. At the field they stand waiting until they come to tell them about the new task of the day,

”You know that after a month, this years class will graduate, and the Lieutenant Javier will be responsible for distributing the graduates medals, unfortunately he lost one of the medals in this field and your task is to find it and bring it back to us; one last thing you should know before starting is that whoever finds it will have 15 pointes to be added to his record, good luck to you all ” said Andres announcing the beginning of the task.

They all felt that the task is strange but in the same time they like the idea of the 15 point and the fact of that only one person will have this points make the spirit of challenge grows bigger, so they spread all over the field searching for the shiny medal.

”It is like searching for a needle in a haystack, what a strange task, I wonder what it is in their minds, ” said Romeo talking to himself when a woman got closer to him,

”Hola my fellow, I am Daniela, I believe you are Romeo ” she said,

”Yes I am; how I can help you? ” he asked,

”Actually you will help yourself more, I have an idea; you see that the field is so much big and the chance of finding the medal alone is so weak, because it depends only on luck, so what if we raise our chances, if we were three we will find it easily and we split the pointes in between, think about it, losing 10 points is better than losing 15 points ” said Daniela suggesting to make a team of three,

”You mean 5 points for each, ok it is better than nothing, I have a friend with me, he will accept it too ” he replied,

”I like the idea but I don trust you both, what if one of you finds it then betray us ”, said Romeos friend,

”You are right about that, so lets register our names us a group with the supervisors, now we can trust each other ” said Daniela, and they both accepted her idea and went to the supervisors to register their group.

”You want to team up? Making a team of three, what do you think Salvador? ” said Andres feeling surprised,

”I don see a problem with that, and if one of you finds the medal you will split the points in between you which leave 5 points for each, are you sure about it? ” said Salvador,

And they answer with accepting for the rules, as soon as they start working as a team the rest of the fellows noticed them and did the same thing as them, they started teaming up making teams of three, accept three teams they decide to have five members to raise the chance more,

”Did you see those, their team has five members, don you think we should do the same to cover more space ” said Romeo talking to Daniela,

”No, the best number is three, because the more they add members, the more likely their tasks will be intertwined, after a while you will see how they will move randomly, they will not even remember the places they searched before ” Daniela replied.

In the middle of the field away from them, Anna was searching alone in high concentration, not paying attention to what was happening around her, then someone come to her asking her to be one of his team,

”Hey miss, would you like to join our team? ” he said,

”What team? ” she replied and seemed not knowing about the plan they are all following;

”Don you see? Everyone is making teams to make the task easier, ” he replied,

That was the first time she noticed what her fellows were doing, ”Yes you are right, I was focusing on the ground and I didn pay attention to what is happening around me ”, and before she answer his request, another one come and asks her to join his team, but the guy who asked her first stopped him saying that he saw her first, and they started arguing over who would bring her to his team, and they pulled her by force like a doll, she couldn stand their behavior, so she pushed them away from her and yelled at them making everyone noticing: ”What is the wrong with you? Is your brain malfunctioning? You two fight like I am a piece of junk you found on the floor, what is this barbaric act, get away from me I am not interested in working with you I will go on alone ”.

”Here she goes again our little monkey ” said Andres when he saw her yelling,

”You shouldn call her monkey that is rude ” said Salvador, watching her running away from those two fellows,

”But it is a cute name and it suits her. Who do you think will win? ” Andres asked,

”I say Anna, she will find it first ” Salvador replied,

”Why you think that? She didn even join a team, ” said Andres,

”Didn you notice the way she works? She is walking in the same direction of the suns rays, in order to attract the first ray that reflects towards her, she follows a clever way compared to the rest, they search randomly ” said Salvador,

”You are right about that, but I see that Daniela is the one who will win, she thinks fast, and the first who come up with the idea of teams, she reached the essence of the leaders words, … you are competing each other but you are a unit… she made them compete by working together, believe me, compared to her, Anna is nothing ” Andres replied,

”You are right about that, but we can compare between them, I see that they are similar ”, said Salvador,

”How is that? They are completely different ” said Andres,

”Exactly they are different yet similar, they have different ideas and personalities; Anna is soft and weak, and Daniela is rough and strong; Anna thinks creatively and Daniela thinks logically; they both think out of the box and intelligent in the same way; I see that they are two sides of the same coin, if they work together they will achieve amazing results ” said Salvador,

”What you say we make a bet, I say 20 Euros Daniela will win ” said Andres suggesting a bet;

”Okay, I agree and I say 50Euros Anna will win ” Salvador replied.

After a while, events raged when Anna spotted something shining in the grass, she got closer to it and it appear to be the lost medal, she quickly took it off the ground and wiped it off the dirt quietly saying: ”I find it ”; but suddenly Daniela quickly pulled the medal out of her hands,

”You mean I find it ” Daniela said taking the medal from Annas hand,

”Bring it back I found it first ” Anna said while trying to take it back from her,

”And who will believe that you found it first, it doesn count unless you give it to the supervisors, what can you do Short Legs? ” Daniela replied mocking her,

Anna felt angry especially knowing that she will lose if she fight with her, then she had a brilliant idea, she shouted to everyone telling them that Daniela found the medal, and the first who give it to the supervisors will win, ”If I can have it, you can have it too ” Anna said challenging Daniela, moments after they all run towards Daniela and the field turned into a stadium. The challenge turned from searching for the goal to the rugby game, and now the task of the teams became to grab the medal and deliver it to the supervisors. Their voices rose and attracted everyones attention, so they hurried to watch them from above the buildings and between the balconies as if it was the final football match, and they couldn hide their enthusiasm while watching.

”The real challenge has started, now they will show their true metal ” said Andres enthusiastically,

”But you saw that Anna found it first ” said Salvador,

”I don make the rules mate, the first who brings it will win ” Andres replied,

In the field they were fighting for real, when the medal came to Romeo, Anna run towards him,

”Give it back I found it first and Daniela stole it from me ” she said,

”Sorry monster girl, you are not in my team ” he replied, then suddenly someone hit him hard make him fall to the ground, making the medal flew from his hand to the grass, Anna grabbed it quickly and run away but they followed her, and because she was alone she couldn throw it to another one and unfortunately they caught her and knocked her to the ground hard, but she tightened her fist firmly and prevented them from taking the medal, but they were able to open her hands forcefully, and they were surprised by the disappearance of the medal, as it was not in her position at all; she pointed to Romeo that it was in his possession, so they ran towards him chasing him; when she was sure that they were not chasing her, she got up and ran towards the supervisors, she reached them successfully and took a breath, they asked her where the medal was, and she spat it out of her mouth,

”Here is the medal Sir, I am sorry because it is in a bad shape but you didn specify what the status of the medal will be when we bring it ” Anna said,

They both laughed, wondering how she cleverly deceived everyone, then they whistled announcing the end of the task and that the winner is Anna, and she won the total 15 points.

”What a tricky girl, I didn expect that move from her ” said Daniela talking to Romeo,

”She is really full of surprises; she didn trick us, we are the ones who underestimated her abilities ” Romeo replied as he watches Anna and his attraction to her grows bigger.

They went back to the barracks to have their lunch and for the first time they were in time for it, when they entered the mess hall everyone applauded them, and expressed their admiration for this years batch, they told them that it was the first time they saw this burning competition that made everyone feel excited, and they also called them ”The Blazing Batch ”.

”Your plan was great and so claver, we really like it ” said a girl on behalf of the rest of their comrades talking to Anna;

”You mean that you don hate me because I tricked you? ” Anna asked feeling surprised;

”No we don , why would you think that, why would we hate you? It is a competition and we are allowed to do everything to win, and you have a smart plan not a trick ” she replied her,

”Oh really, thank you for your support, I wish you all luck, you all deserve to win but as you said it is a competition, so lets compete each other fairly ” said Anna,

”Don brag about yourself short legs, you were lucky thats all ” said Daniela as she walks by her;

But Anna didn pay her any attention ignoring her by talking to her friends. At that moment Anna felt that she opened her eyes to reality, she thought that everyone hated her because she stole the points from them but it was only in her imagination. Perhaps this is her first step towards getting out of the shell in which she has imprisoned herself for years, believing that she is protecting herself from the harm of others. She started reaching out to others in the hope of creating new connections. After a short while, they were informed of the gathering in the square in ten minutes, and they began to hurry to finish their food and arrange their place before leaving in order to arrive at time not late.

”Attention everyone, you have a new task for now, the new equipment for the new building has arrived, your job is to arrange it there without errors, and you must finish the work by the end of this day. Dismiss now ” said Salvador ordering them to go back to same building.

”Are they training us or using us for their construction jobs, they didn even give us uniforms ” they said talking to each other unhappy about the situation.

”Stop complaining about that, what did you expect when you come, to find a three stars hotel? This is our endurance test, who can handle it will lose, and if you can stand this stage, how will you endure wars ” said Romeo in response to their grumble.

At the building where they work, the tension between Anna and Daniela is getting bigger and bigger, especially that they put them both in the same team, one works and the other sabotages her work on purpose, then apologizes coldly, claiming that it was an unintentional mistake. Everyone around them noticed the unspoken conflict between them both as if it was a cold war.

”Looks like it is going to snow today ”, said one of the girls who were with them in the same room, referring to the cold war between Anna and Daniela. The situation continued as it was until events raged between them and what everyone feared happened.

”Can you tell me what is wrong with you? I know you are doing it on purpose, just tell me if you have a problem with me and stop this behavior ”, said Anna talking to Daniela when she spilled water on the floor that Anna wiped minutes ago;

”No dear not you, I don have a personal problem with you, but I have a problem with your existence, you are an obstacle for everyone and this is not your place, short legs ”, Daniela replied, mocking her;

”That makes you a jealous person. You are not the one who evaluate us, there are many experts who evaluated me and allowed me to join the camp, and well see in the end who will stay and who will leave ”, Anna replied her confidently, and Daniela couldn reply her and she walked away leaving the room but Anna stopped her saying: ”Where do you think yourself going? Come back and clean up the floor you dirtied ”,

But this time Daniela didn like the way Anna talked to her and made her angry, so she kicked the bucket of water and pours it all over the floor. The noise that she made makes everyone around stare at them frozen of fear that they will all be punished because of them.

”What are you going to do if I didn cleaned it short legs? ” said Daniela threatening Anna,

But what Anna did it was not expected, quietly she brought another bucket, deluding everyone that she would clean the place, but with a sudden movement, she poured the bucket on Daniela, declaring the beginning of the war between them. Screaming and cursing, kicking and hitting, intertwined between each other and each one wanted to take revenge on the other and rehabilitated herself. As for the rest of their comrades, they tried hard to keep them away from each other and break up the quarrel between them for fear that their voice would reach the supervisors, but they were late and no one could stop them except Supervisor Andres.

”What is this irresponsible behavior? Do you think you are in wrestling ring? Where is the discipline that we commanded you to abide by? Everyone dismiss now except for Anna and Daniela ”, said Andres scolding them for the recent behavior,

”Listen to me you two, lieutenant Javier is absent today, so I will not punish everyone for what you did, and I will only punish both of you, complete the cleaning in here and head towards the residence and clean all the bathrooms, you will not have dinner until the work is complete, and certainly I don want to hear a voice from you or to see this act again. Now go back to your work ”.

It was already dark when they finished work at the new building, and they head tired to clean the rest of the bathrooms, they were working quietly and exchanging hateful looks, if looks had swords, they would slaughter each other. They worked as fast as they can so they can reach to the restaurant before it close and they managed to arrive 30 minutes before it close,

”You came to late I am not going to wait you until you finish, I worked all day and I am so tired, go serve by yourself and clean the place when you are done ”, said the kitchen worker and left the place.

Daniela took some fruits and left the place too leaving Anna to clean alone, but this is not new for her, she get used to work so late at night and sometimes she doesn sleep, finally, her hard lifestyle helped her to handle this life; and again she couldn forget the memories about her life with Matilda and how she used to work hard under pressure of her, but she tries to keep thinking about Martin, imagining how will they meet and what would be his reaction then. When she was about to leave after she finished her work, Andres come in to check on her,

”You finished the work early than I expected, you don deserve to be punished, no one of you should, but orders are orders, to be honest with you we all think the same about you and your fellows, it is the first time ever we had a group as passionate as you, we expect bright future for you all ”, said Andres complements her,

”Thank you Sir, we are all doing our best in a fair competition ”, Anna replied, she hesitated a bit before asking him, ”Sir, I want to ask about someone, he is a military member but I don know his rank ”

”Okay, what is his name maybe I can help you ”, said Andres,

”It sounds strange, but I only know his name, Martin, he is 36 old, tall about 180 cm, and wheaten complexion, that is all I know about him ”, she replied,

He laughed softly and replied: ”You know that this isn enough, you know how much are there people who are named Martin, you need to gather more about him ”,

”Thank you Sir, I will try to find a clue about him, can I ask one last thing please? ” she asked,

”As long as it is possible to do ”, he replied gently,

”When Lieutenant Javier said we can connect the outside was him serious about it? And how we can connect our families? ” she asked in fear that he will refuse her request,

”Well about that he is right, but some of the old students borrow their phones to them in secret, but I warn you don ask that from me, but there is the traditional way, write them letters, and the administration will check all letters before it is sent ”, he replied her then he grabbed a paper from the counter and hand it to her.

”Is that real? Thank you Sir you saved me, can you land me a pen? ” she replied jumps for joy.

She sat in a corner of the mess hall holding one paper not finding the words she will write, thinking who is the one she should write for, Diego or Matilda, but she doesn want to lie on the first, and she can find what she will say to the second, so she decided to write a letter and send it to her apartment:

Dear Martin, I know this is strange to send a letter to my place but this is the idea I had when I thought of you, I don where you are now, while I am writing this letter, now I know you are out in somewhere of this world, you could be in Spain, or abroad, I don know if you are sad or happy, and I hope you are, you could be fine or dead, and I don hope so, I don really know your truth or what you are hiding, but I know you will back for me, and you will enter like a thief to may hose, and maybe you are there already, examining my drawings, reading my stories or preparing a ginger soup for me, and I hope you do, and this is why I am sending this letter there to let you know that I went searching for you, I know you told me to forget about you, but I knew you didn mean it, I know that deep inside you, you want to come back for me, and you want me to keep waiting for you, but I don want to forget about you, and I don want to wait for you, waiting is the worst thing, it consume the body, mind and heart, I believe you know this feeling better than I do, I am sorry that I refused your request, so don be mad at me, because you refused to let go of me so many times and this is why you always came back to me, so I know you will excuse me; I want to sit next to you and tell you about my adventure, can you believe it? I finally have my own adventure, and I will be happy to tell the world about it, but you will be the first, I finally knew the mysterious life that you always refuse to tell me about, I am a soldier now and I am living your life, or not, the truth is they decided to make us compete each other, because they said it will be a lose if they just refuse others in reason of limited number, we started our training four days ago, it wasn easy neither too hard, actually I get used to live hard life so I am imagining that it is like my previous life, in the beginning they didn like me because I gain a punishment for all of us twice, but they began to like me after the last task we had, they say that they liked my ideas and I started to make friends and enemies too, there was a girl who didn like me, and my relationship with her is not fine, it got tangled between us until we fought, and they punished us again, the good thing about it is this was my first fight, do you believe that? My whole life I was running from fights, and because of you I don run anymore, my whole life I was waiting for a boost to ignite the power of will inside me, and you were that boost.

There are a lot of things I want to talk about it with you, but the words escape and slip from me now, because of the flame that is burning in my heart that is beating for you now. I don know how you got me into this situation, but just thinking about you makes my tongue stick and suddenly all the words are gone, so I will finish my letter now sending my love with it, and I hope you read it, yours, Anna Ruiz.

This was her letter to her lover, her face blushed like roses are open on her cheeks whenever she thinks of him, and despite the fatigue she feels, it was all gone and enthusiasm has returned to her after she began to lose hope, and that night she slept in joy.

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